Some of my artwork


Can anyone tell me of some famous movie moments? This is what I love to paint! ❤







First Post Jitters

I know what you’re thinking. Who is this impostor, this weirdo who is taking up valuable web-surfing seconds of mine which could be filled with singing cats? Well let me tell you a little about myself. I am completely mad – but all the best people are! I’m from Tasmania, Australia, and no, Tasmanian Devils do NOT whirl down the street slobbering everywhere. Please don’t ever ask that again. I’m only a wee whipper-snipper, with Irish heritage and a need to jig (even though I look bizarre when I do!). I’m allergic to dairy, and my Dad is coeliac, so if you have similar issues, I feel you bro.

I’ve never written a blog before. Actually, that’s not true. I did write a blog once, but never got further than making a pretty page before – stupidly – forgetting what my blogname was. Do you think I could find it? Uh, no.

So, here I am. Starting a new blog, and this is what you’re in for! :

Crazy ideas


Possibly some alien theories





And the occasional late night rambling that never sounds as good in the morning. So here we go – this is going to be fun! Thanks for sticking with me out of the millions of websites out there; I hope something educational comes up. Pfffttt. 😉

Here is some epic music to get you in the mood for my site: